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    Q:    Can Your Residents see the swan nest?
    A:    Yes, we have the camcorder connected to TV in the hall.

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    Q:    How long is the Incubation period?

    A:     About 32-34 days

    Q:    Are there any other Cam Sights?

    A:    Yes, Click here.

    Q:    How long have you had the Swans?
    A:    We started out with two white and two black swans 1992. One black swan disappeared and we sold the other black swan.

    Q:    Can Swans Fly?
    A:    Yes. However, our swans wings are clipped.

    Q:    What happened to your  baby swans in the past?
    A:    After about a year we had to sell them. The pond is not large enough.