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ID Date Time Description
F52 8/11/1957 0:18 8MM Best of Home movie cut down to people
F17 12/25/1977 2:00 old 8mm movies
F18 12/25/1977 1:27 Slides Europe, Acapulco, Hawaii
F85 1/1/1979 1:22 Old Slides Europe, Hawaii, Alcapulco, Hong Kong, Korea, Halloween Party, Baby Brian, Debbie wedding, Conkins, Ahrends, Margee painting album art murals, Old house, we are young, family, Caryl Simpkins and kids, Wilma portrait, gun range, Elmer, G.Nickel, Clinton, G. Kolb & Edwin, Leona shooting gun, farm, airplane ride, Tony jumping, G.Solomon 80th BD, Demolition of hotel in downtown okc, coins, baby Chris, Leona's new house, Steve and Brian and Chris, Christmas
F160 6/1/1982 0:18 Channel 5, Margee's Courtroom Art, Hays, Barry Swithser, Richardson Kickback County Commisioners, Tonkawa Indians Documentary, Hallena school for boys assault.
F12 11/26/1982 0:17 Christmas Gaeddert Network News (GNN) extra copy
f45 12/24/1982 0:52 Chris 6mo old, donna making video, Christopher 1 year old BD party 
F15 1/1/1986 0:15 Ahrend OKC, anniversary, Domino game with Gr. Ahrend, Chris and GmaAhrend
F1 6/2/1986 0:55 California Vacation, Disneyland, Crystal Cathedral, Queen Mary-Chris eating hot dog, Universal Studio, NBC Tour, Mission Capistrano, Margee running beach with Chris & Brian and Pier, Cockpit of airplane with the pilots
F9 6/2/1986 0:05 California Vacation, Mission Capistrano
F4 6/12/1986 1:57 Chris BD, Korakas pool swimming (bad quality)
F3 7/1/1986 2:00 Linda moving day, our backyard with Smiths and Joey, Ahrend church picnic, Karen M. at Leona's, B. Ahrend BD, Nichols, Dee and Leona in backyard with boys
F55 7/1/1986 1:24 Gaeddert's testing video with funny stuff in the old studio, Backyard summer Brian hula hooping, Brian eating & Chris silly in kitchen, Tony in Radio Shack,  testing camcorder, Tony testing facial expressions on camcorder, Tony basketball driveway, Tony&Brian homework, Tony & Brian basketball on driveway & Chris putting dirt on oil spot & mad, Radio Shack Picnic, Home Inventory, Brian's basketball at OU
F37 7/4/1986 1:24 G. Nichols, old 8mm film
F46 7/4/1986 1:10 Korakas house swim & water hose, Ashley's 4th BD and kids, pool, Surrey Hills Ahrend home Bill's 73 BD with Solomon and Womack's, good quality
f32 8/1/1986 0:10 Leona house and river
F53 8/11/1986 0:56 Sandy Birthday , Grandma Solomon sings Froggie Went Courtin', Brian & Chris gardening, Mandy & Curly,Chish 4 yr  going to a Luaiu Party
f40 10/15/1986 1:03 Silver Dollar City, Donna lake house&  boat ride, Leona's land in Quinton, OK, Halloween Brian and Chris talking with skeleton teeth(57:11)
F58 12/1/1986 0:11 Xmas at Radio Shack Show
F54 12/5/1986 1:38 Mrs. Brewer' last day, Christmas Parade 86 downtown OKC with Karen, Tonys 37th BD, Backyard with Brian & Chris stunts, Mandy hole in fence, Christmas Eve & Morning, Christmas at Leona's, Brian & Chris making cookies, Brian & Chris talking about their Christmas gifts with doggies.
F34 4/1/1987 0:45 Chris and Joey's backyard, Easter morning, Mandy playing with swing, installing satellite dish, Brian and Chris sing "I work in a button factor"
F43 5/1/1987 2:00 Margee on TV news at Sports Store 1986, Snow backyard Brian Chris Mandy, Joey house Margee birthday, Deep snow on eves, Brian Basketball at Y, Snow sledding at Leona, putting up new fence with bill oaks
F56 5/9/1987 0:30 Backyard summer & Chris in a box Brian is video taping, Melanie's BD,  Melanie new house & pool, Brian & Chris bicycles, Ahrend family Memorial Day 1987
F33 5/19/1987 0:15 Chris Kindergarten play, 
F033_5 5/19/1987 0:15 Chris Kindergarten play 2
F27 7/1/1987 2:00 Brian church play, Downtown OKC with the boys, Pulling carrots in our garden (21:44), Chris(Preschool) and Brian walking to school (Chris was in hospital), Halloween, Sean on keyboard singing, Thanksgiving Steve BD, G.Solomon at 87
F25 7/12/1987 0:30 Radio Shack Picnic
F49 8/1/1987 0:15 Radio Shack Visiting stores, Chuck, Dick, Vic, and John, Tony's Shepard Mall show tour
F51 10/17/1987 0:30 Strafford Alloway picnic
F62 10/30/1987 1:06 Christmas Card from the Allen's, Stephanie at Halloween party
F78.1 10/30/1987 0:07 Back yard tour, Halloween Radio Shack Britton RD
F76 11/10/1987 2:00 Brian football 25min and awards
F11 11/18/1987 1:14 Chris in snow, Chris BD (no sound)
F26 11/25/1987 0:45 Hats drawing names for Christmas with Leona and Dee, River and woods at Newcastle, Football awards, 
f26.5 12/23/1987 0:23 Brian Birth day Ahrend's, Xmas Leona's, Western Village meeting
F30 5/1/1988 1:28 Tony's 8MM movies, snow, piedmont ,  sky trip
F48 5/1/1988 0:50 Allen's art show, Pool in backyd. with Allen's, Smith's, Tulsa zoo, Chris 6BD
F60 6/22/1988 0:27 1st day spring 1988 State park Lawton with Leona, Easter hunt backyard, with Kits
F42 7/4/1988 0:24 Jaycee Fourth of July Margee caricatures in Moore, Maccannell talking, Brian selling drinks, Brian in dunk tank,
F38 7/21/1988 0:19 Home inventory
F41 7/22/1988 2:00 FL Vacation Leona, Korakas family, Cypress Garden, Orange grove, Marco Island, Melanie feeding Seagulls, Tony windsurfing, Orange bowl, Korakas home Naples, Fl.
F63 7/26/1988 2:00 Florida Vacation
F67.2 9/3/1988 0:23 Western Village Downtown Animal Parade
F24 10/29/1988 0:40 Brian little league football
F39 11/6/1988 1:04 Brian Football game in KC
F13 11/25/1988 1:13 Thanksgiving at Ahrend's, Brian and baby Chris, Easter baby Chris 1983, Backyard Chris BD with the Conkins, Chris first Christmas, Ahrend's OKC, Donna  43rd BD, 
F35 12/16/1988 1:09 Leona and dog, six flags, longhorn Ballroom, commerce street, Kennedy memorial
F67.3 2/1/1989 0:17 Brian Science Project
F36 3/21/1989 0:07 Radio Shack 23 and Penn 
F036_5 3/21/1989 0:24 Radio Shack 23 and Penn 
F75 4/1/1989 0:08 Brian singing at N Classen
F31 4/16/1989 0:50 Ft Reno, Brian square dancing school, 
F70.1 8/1/1989 0:37 20 year Reunion Capitol Hill
F70.2 8/1/1989 0:07 20 year Reunion Capitol Hill
F68.1 10/1/1989 0:20 Football Brian Northside Bears  
F73.3 10/1/1989 0:22 State Fair with animation
F59 10/21/1989 0:25 Football Mustang, and bike helmet cam 
F68.3 10/30/1989 0:35 Chris Halloween, Brian Dallas Football trip
F61 11/19/1989 0:32 Radio Shack tour of new computers Cassady Square, Margee office on May Ave, Time lap tests, moving in chair, Chris drawing. Interview Margee ,Xmas card setup, Tony 40th BD at Leona's, Brian & Tony goofy commercial stunt with coke bottle
F70_4 11/29/1989 0:13 Bike ride with helmet cam
F70_5 11/29/1989 0:08 Houston Bill Ahrend house baby Lukas 
F44 12/13/1989 0:32 Christmas Video Card Master(Chris time lapse, Chris painting time lapse, Parade by Western Village school, Brian singing, Brian football, State Fair with microphones on-fun ride-flags, RadioShack, Platt Margee office, Hoover school video on a bike, Thanksgiving at Bill and Faye's, Time lapse Turkey Day dinner)
F73.2 12/25/1989 0:25 Brain BD,  Christmas Eve wishes
F79 1/1/1990 Not copied Las Vegas
F5 1/5/1990 2:00 Las Vegas Electronics, Hoover Dam, Lauflin, Caricature of Margee, 
F57 2/24/1990 0:24 Margee doing caricatures at North Park Mall with "Stan & Ollie", Downtown OKC Crystal Bridge
f74.3 4/6/1990 0:08 Brian Boy Scout Camp (interview with Brian about camp)
F6 4/14/1990 0:08 Easter Morning and lunch(time laps and funny Chris, 
F72.3 4/20/1990 0:23 House Hunting, Home Inventory, Easter morning
F74.1 5/11/1990 0:16 Brian singing at Classen 5th grade
F47 5/23/1990 0:17 Wedding rehearsal for Crouch wedding, Crouch's Wedding day
F16 6/10/1990 2:00 Ahrend 50th Anniversary
F64 6/16/1990 1:36 Sandy Wedding and Cruise 
F80 6/16/1990 0:38 Sandy Wedding  
F72.1 6/17/1990 0:22 Sandy and Dale Disneyland
F82 6/23/1990 0:55 Cruise 2
F83 6/23/1990 1:55 Cruise 1
F72.2 6/30/1990 0:02 Sandy and Dale cruise
F68.2 7/29/1990 0:33 Moving Satellite, Camera 2 Sandy wedding
F69.1 7/31/1990 0:21 Radio Shack Annual Meeting
F65.4 8/6/1990 0:24 Construction of studio
F84 10/1/1990 0:25 Moore football playoff
F10 12/25/1990 0:08 Christmas on the Gaeddert Network News (GNN), (Satellite replacement, Tricky Dick Dipstick, Studio, Brian home from camp, Brian sings, Las Vegas, Ahrend 50th time laspe, Sandy wedding, honeymoon Fantasy ship cruise, OSU Alumni exhibit Stephanie and Gary and Carol
F69.2 1/19/1991 0:29 Margee 49th BD, Radio Shack Annual Meeting
F72..4 2/14/1991 0:32 Valentine Party Chris at school, Tour of green house, Donna house for Easter hunt, neighbors kids
F66.2 6/20/1991 0:48 Frontier city, Brian & Chris game, Chris 9th BD, Lake Arcadia, Sandy new house construction
F66.1 7/3/1991 0:29 Chris and friend Tony testing video, Tenkiller Lake with Allen's
F70_3 7/4/1991 0:02 Allen house
F74.2 11/19/1991 0:15 PC expo, Chris story about gun at Western Village school, Margee and Kids playing Piano, Elmer and Pat's house on Thanksgiving
F73.4 12/21/1991 0:20 Brian 13th BD big surprise guitar gift & Chris has chickenpox for Christmas, Christmas day, Chris rollerblading, Sandy house Christmas Tony riding bike
F67.1 2/15/1992 0:58 Making Snack bar with Dee, flying a kite at Leona's , Easter 1992,Brian sound system, Margee read story at Easter table,  Chris 10th BD, Registering for Basket ball camp at OC Edmond, OK June 28
F73.1 7/4/1992 0:06 Tuttle 4th of July Parade, Party at Sandy house
F8 11/26/1992 0:13 Thanksgiving at Bill and Faye's
F71.1 12/5/1992 1:02 Elmer Stratford House, Snowfall and buying poinsettias & Christmas trees, Tony BD, Christmas with Leona, Dale, Sandy and Dale
F65.3 3/6/1993 0:14 Margee explaining how see ran over something at Braum's with Crown Vic, Brian at 16 in Studio, Explorers, Backyard, Margee  and Chris Playing violin, Brian and Tony play Guitar
f2 4/1/1993 1:29 Elmer old photos and Birthday party
F88 4/1/1993 1:43 OKC botanical gardens with Allen's, Allen kids and our kids playing Monopoly, Sandy shooting event, old photos of Elmer, Elmer's 65th BD will Roger Party House
F90.1 4/1/1993 0:15 New washer and Dryer, Cowboy Hall of Fame
F86.5 7/1/1993 0:30 Stephanie BD, Tour of Margee's Tulsa School, Home
F114.1 7/4/1993 0:19 Gary & Step Tenkiller
F86.3 8/10/1993 0:40 Brian explorers police training a Customs, Home Inventory
F28 8/14/1993 0:33 Grand Canyon vacation
f87 8/14/1993 0:43 Going to the Grand canon (raw)
F89 8/15/1993 1:22 Petrified Forest going to Meteor Crater, Flagstaff, Meteor Crater, Grand Canyon, Bio Dome, El Paso, Carlsbad Caverns
F90.2 10/16/1993 0:30 Elmer's home in Stratford, OK
f90.3 12/7/1993 1:25 Brian's school play Oliver Twist
F91 12/23/1993 2:00 Santa at Epworth, Brian 15th BD, Christmas Eve & Christmas morning (funny wake up of Chris)
F92.1 1/1/1994 0:04 Dee's New Pickup, Sandy new years day
F92.2 3/20/1994 0:19 Sandy & Leona house, Elmer BD, Easter Stratford gun's
F93 4/30/1994 0:39 Epworth Villa Company Picnic Frontier City, Trimming dog, Chris Tai Quan Do Tournament, EV software Lifecare product presentation.
F94.1 7/4/1994 0:18 AFCO Picnic Lazy E Arena, Brian Guitar lessons, Chris at river with fireworks, Donna house Bill and Faye parade in front of house.
F94.2 8/12/1994 0:30 St Louis 2, speed way
F94.3 8/12/1994 0:58 St Louis
F95 9/5/1994 1:39 Enterprise Sq USA ,  Balloon Fest
F96.1 10/31/1994 0:50 Elmer Stratford House, Halloween church
F78.2 11/3/1994 0:15 Leona's house and yard, bus tour McAlester OK Prison, Chris taking Video
F96.2 11/24/1994 0:32 Thanksgiving, home inventory, tour Epworth
F97,1 12/17/1994 0:29 Margee' Work Tour American Fidelity
F97.2 12/25/1994 1:28 Horse chase at Sandy's house, Christmas Leona's house, Brian driving lesson, Jim Conkin, Steve saxiphone music, Brian playing guitar, Chris rocket, Christmas morning
F99.1 1/15/1995 0:18 Tree Trimming Leona, Leona on slide Gaeddert and Crouch playing in show
F99.2 3/6/1995 0:31 Margee's multimedia camp Training
F99.3 4/16/1995 0:59 Easter Elmer, Sandy Carpet Day, Epworth Villa Family
F100.2 6/17/1995 0:30 Our anniversary trip: Home yard tour, Driving around Stillwater, Ponca city, Kansas City, tour Hallmark card, Museum and recovered sunken Steam boat 
F101..1 6/17/1995 0:28 Chris BBS Tour, Air show, Chris 13th birthday
F100.1 7/14/1995 0:38 Allen's and Gaedderts at Tenkiller
F101.2 8/14/1995 0:39 When Brian ran away from home at 16, tour with Leona town of Hominy with India Murals', Texas Play boys, Chris Pickup Head repair
F102.1 10/4/1995 1:01 Epworth 5th Anniversary, Amer Health Tech software demo, Brian & Chris Roller blade Hockey
F102.2 11/24/1995 0:11 Brian Playing Guitar, Chuck House Wichita KS. Making slide video of Dee for Velma
F102.4 12/1/1995 0:59 Dee in Tour of Chickasaw, Brian wakeup with fire Cracker, Christmas day
F103.1 12/25/1995 0:20 Christmas
F103.2 1/15/1996 0:30 Flower tour in yard, Easter, AIG Tour, Margee BD, Phillbrook with Stephanie, 
F103.3 3/1/1996 0:50 Video oTest, GIF,AVI,AIG, Putting Grill together, Wilma's 80th BD, Hoover Awards, Epworth Villa ANIV, Hot Air balloons, Oklahoma Play, Tenkiller, 66 museum Clinton
F50 5/18/1996 1:20 Wilma 80th BD
F104 11/1/1996 1:48 Limo Ride, Margee boss husband BD, to Eischen's in Okarche, Elmer Autocading Office Wynnewood, Camp Fire at Stratford house, Brian's Play of Mice and Men at John Marshall High School
F105 12/3/1996 0:48 Tony BD, EV Accounting Party at our home,  Home Inventory
F106 12/21/1996 2:00 Brian BD, Chris and Brian perform in a play at John Marshall, Karen, Christmas, Christmas lights at Chickasaw, Brian at Metro Tec, Plus Home inventory 4/17/
F77 4/1/1997 0:25 Brian's Grad Video
F23 4/14/1997 2:25 New York
F108 5/24/1997 1:48 "Lost Angel" starring Brian Gaeddert, Graduation ceremony-Myriad, 
F109 6/1/1997 1:14 Brian new Car, EV Picnic, Chris coming back from Turner Falls Church Camp, putting Rider in Steeple at Epworth, Stephanie Lake special effects
F110 8/22/1997 1:51 AIG Fountain Head, 11/13/1997 Las Vegas, Hoover Dam tour, Downtown Tour
F7 10/1/1997 0:36 Vegas Vacation
F111 11/15/1997 1:54 Las Vegas
F113 11/21/1997 1:21 Chris Play "Breakfast Club", Mad Show
F14 12/25/1997 0:25 Christmas
F112 12/25/1997 2:00 Christmas EV dinner accounting m at Twelve Oaks restaurant, Santa at EV, Christmas Leona, Sandy, Dale, Wilma, Christmas family, Chris driving, Christmas with Wilma, Margee BD
F114.2 3/21/1998 0:39 Elmer & Pat Dance, Chris (dressed as a woman) Play at Maclanburg  Park, EV CCRC pres
F115 4/1/1998 0:59 Christoff visits from Germany, Brian,s job; gives Tony's car an oil change, Channel 4 Swan story at EV 
F29 7/16/1998 0:33 Ropes course Tony and Brian
F116 7/16/1998 0:59 Ropes course, EV FDMC Dedication
F19 10/2/1998 0:25 Santa Fe, Albuequce balloon fest, Georgia O'Keefe Museum, Storm clouds
F150.1 10/14/1998 0:19 Balloon Fest Albuquerque, NM
F119 2/1/1999 2:00 Ellsie L Kolb-Kemp Tour of Clinton Bessie
F120 2/1/1999 2:00 Ellsie L Kolb-Kemp Tour of Clinton Bessie, Wilma interview
F121 2/13/1999 2:00 Santa Fe, balloon fest Oct 98, EV Panning Views, Epworth Christmas, Christmas, Leona Photos, Elmer Interview History and singing
F122 2/27/1999 1:48 Elmer interview and interview with Jantz lady Midwest City
F123 3/27/1999 1:05 Elmer Funeral
F124 4/20/1999 1:05 Chris Play "Sorry Wrong Number", Steve Conkin graduation OSU, Chris Senior Prom, EV presentation
F127 5/14/1999 1:09 EV Family Day, Fitness Day, Clinton Family reunion ,Cemetery
F125 6/23/1999 0:58 Chris back from Germany
F128 7/30/1999 1:09 EV Kareoke day
F129.1 7/31/1999 0:15 Bricktown OKC, Chris Pickup Repair Head, EV picnic at Zoo
F126 8/1/1999 1:05 Capitol Hill reunion
F21 8/6/1999 1:22 Chhs 30 yr Reunion May by class, Biltmore Hotel, at Chhs  Singing, Dale Weba. 
F20 9/29/1999 0:36 Fall foliage bus tour
F129.2 9/29/1999 1:42 Home inventory, Fall Foliage Tour Vermont
F130 10/1/1999 2:00 Vermont Canada
F149 10/1/1999 0:34 New England Fall Foliage tour Edited
F131 10/3/1999 1:15 Vermont Canada and Jeff Wedding
F132 11/18/1999 0:59 EV FDMC Ground Breaking
F133 11/19/1999 1:20 Chris Play John Marshall "Dracula", Margee's Work Ibeam Broadcasting, Greenhouse, Ibean Tour of office, Soccer
F134 12/17/1999 1:01 EV Christmas Recital with piano, violin, singer.
F135 12/23/1999 0:49 Christmas at home, EV speaker
F117 2/1/2000 1:26 Chris high school graduation, Leona's house, Epworth Kitchen, EV resident Talent show
f22 2/18/2001 2:00 Mardi Gras New Orleans from another person that same year
F136 2/22/2001 1:32 Mardi Gras 
F137 2/23/2001 0:33 Mardi Gras, EV Smoky Mountain Play 2001
F161 6/1/2001 2:00 Chris Mission Trip Britton Baptist Church to New Mexico
F138.1 9/1/2001 0:36 EV Memory Walk, Leona Newcastle Senior Mural
F139.1 3/1/2002 0:29 Durango CO
F139.2 3/2/2002 0:30 Durango CO
F65.1 6/22/2002 0:15 Ameilo thanking Chris for being a friend
F139.3 7/8/2002 0:02 Chris and Danet Watson
F138.2 11/21/2002 0:30 Branson MO, Leona House 5/2003
F118 5/1/2003 1:21 Miranda Graduation, Brian denture Grinding, Tony motorcycle sound test
F140 8/6/2004 0:48 Home Inventory, Sturgis, EV
F157 8/6/2004 0:31 Sturgis Edited:Sturgis Bike Rally, Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse Monument, 
F141 8/7/2004 1:02 Sturgis
F142 8/10/2004 0:39 Sturgis, Devil's Tower
F148 11/1/2004 0:23 Capitol Hill Cruise Edited
F143 11/11/2004 0:41 CHHS Carnival Cozumel Cruise, Stayed with Bill & Faye
F156 4/23/2005 0:15 Chris Soccer and work at Golf Course Stillwater
F147 5/18/2006 0:21 Wilma 90th BD Edited
F144 3/16/2007 0:26 Breckenridge
F152 5/18/2007 0:23 Chris and Jenna's Wedding Rehearsal
F153 5/19/2007 0:15 Chris and Jenna's Wedding
f154 5/19/2007 0:17 Chris and Jenna's Wedding reception and photos
f155 5/23/2007 0:43 Chris and Jenna's Wedding Honeymoon vacation
F145 8/28/2007 0:52 Vegas trip motorcycle: Grand Canyon Helicopter ride
F146 8/28/2007 0:18 Vegas Trip Edited: Monument Valley, Grand Canyon Helicopter Ride & Boat ride on Colorado River, Hoover Dam, Vegas Strip
F159 7/25/2008 1:00 Paris Vacation, Tour de France
F158 9/1/2008 0:15 Chris Master of Ceremony for FCA in Gallager Iba Arena OSU


Over 50 Years
1957 to 2008
201 Video Tapes
500 events
164 hours

It took 120 man hours
and 900 hours of computer processing
to convert to
174 GB Hard Drive
QuickTime h.264 mpeg4
 720 x 480 30 fps at a bit rate of 2000